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Our Obstetrics and gynaecology specialists offer a complete women health and care attention.

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Gynaecological Clinic

Complete women health care needs specialized proffesionals for every different area and period of a women’s life. 

With this aim Clínica Ginecológica Pérez-Bryan is born, to focus in closely and individualized treatments and a doctor-patiemt relationship based on trust and respect.

Or desire is to accompany you in every moment, specially in such extraordinary phase in women’s life as pregnancy, with our interest towards humanization of childbirth.


Gynaecological clinic in Centre of M√°laga

If you need a gynaecological consultation in Málaga you will have many options, there are big Hospitals, but in Clínica Pérez-Bryan  you will find a friendly environment, personalized, with a great professional gynaecology, midwife, psychologist and other specialities team, accompanied by a first class reception personal, and an amazing location in historic Málaga centre, with open doors to all our patients and their families.

Our clinic enjoys the invaluable collaboration of Dr Luis Perez-Bryan and his more than 40 years of experience, specially as gynaecological surgeon, specialized in endoscopic surgery and as teacher of other gynaecologists in different countries. 

For this reason, if you are looking for a good Gynecologist in Malaga, our gynecology and obstetrics consultation is one of the best options, with a medical team of proven reputation, cordial care, excellent treatment and a fair price.

Gynaecological check-up every year is important to early detection of pathologies involving the health or life-quality of women. It is also a good moment to talk about pregnancy planning, contraceptive methods, sexual problems or to clear up doubts about physiological changes in the different moments of a women’s life. Gynaecological surgery is one of the bases of Clínica Pérez-Bryan.

Our clinic relies on the experience and rigorous professional training of our professionals in minimally invasive gynaecologic surgery, including laparoscopic and hysteroscopic techniques. We also perform vaginal approach to surgery and pelvic floor repair and incontinence techniques.

Pregnancy and childbirth are probably two  of the most amazing periods in women’s life. From our conviction of respect and mutual trust we want to accompany you throughout your pregnancy.

We want to know your fears and the concerns and expectations you have for your pregnancy and childbirth, all in order to advise you and prepare you to face a process that must not cease to be natural, always with us at your side.

We create and want for you a humanized birth, with the minimum intervention necessary, so that the experience is as unforgettable as possible, without neglecting the resources that help us achieve the best results for the health of the mother and the newborn.


Gynaecologic and obstetric clinic


Gynaecological Check-up

Gynaecological check-up includes genital and breast examination, smear test and a gynaecological ultrasound. The best practice is annual check-up, to early diagnose of any possible disease.


4D Obstetric and gynaecologic ultrasound

We offer 3D-4D ultrasound in gynaecology and obstetrics, so you can see your baby in a realistic way.


Laparoscopic Surgery

Years of experience guarantee our team in performing gynecological surgery by laparoscopy, minimizing hospital stay and with a faster recovery


Hysteroscopic surgery

We have last generation hysteroscopes with minimal diameter to obtain the best result with less complications. Experts in polypectomy, uterine malformation repair and myomectomy.


Pelvic floor surgery

Pelvic floor surgery, both classic and mesh placement, should be indicated and performed by an experienced professional. Not all cases are the same, and our team will make an individualized evaluation to assess if you need surgery and which a technique would be the most appropriate for you.


Diagnostic hysteroscopy

In our team we have gynecologists specialized in diagnostic hysteroscopy, both for evaluation of abnormal bleeding and fertility disorders that require evaluation by hysteroscopy. It can be done under sedation or in consultation


Trust in our medical team in your prenatal care

Why to choose our Gynaecological clinic ?


We are reference in gynaecological laparoscopy

Dr. Luis Perez-Bryan is a pioneer in gynecological endoscopic surgery in Malaga, being the first surgeon to apply this technique


Cutting-edge services

Last generation techniques and services at your disposal, we keep updated to give our patients the best of us.


We are not robots, we connect with you

We will look into your eyes, call your name and hear you to take into account details of your personal case.



We will be by your side, flexible schedule, answering your doubts as soon as possible. Our professionals are at your disposal.


Patient satisfaction

Our aim is to do our best, with all the affection, we feel full of joy when a patient expresses her satisfaction with our work.


Professional Team

All our professionals have the specialized qualification required to carry out their duties, and work under the strictest quality standards.


Professional Staff

Luis Pérez Bryan

Dr. Luis Pérez-Bryan


Maria Isabel Diaz Dominguez

Dra. María Pérez-Bryan


Raquel Duarte Estrada

Dra. Raquel Duarte Estrada


Patient words to Clínica Ginecológica Pérez-Bryan

Nice, patient … A magnificent gynecologist in Malaga, making you feel comfortable and safe at all times.

Marisa - Doctoralia

There are no words to express what it has made me feel for being a participant in the birth of my daughter, that experience creates special bonds.
She had a difficult delivery and I was shocked at how she resolved each situation.
She is a gynecologist who goes beyond the threshold to be able to catalog her, both professionally and personally.

Inmaculada - Doctoralia

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Gynaecologic Clinic is located in an excellent setting, in the historic centre of M√°laga, nearby the Cathedral. Come to join us, we are waiting for you.


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